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25th: Web Site Stats Heres a quick table giving you an idea of what browsers people visited my site with so far this month.

Table showing the % split of user agents visiting my site, so far during July.
USER AGENTPercentage Split of Total Hits
Mozilla (Netscape etc)12.92%
Internet Explorer80.36%

Microsoft Internet Explorer has a strong showing, however my personal favourite, Mozilla, isn't doing to bad either.

19th: PHP and MySQL Well I'm begining to get my feet wet using PHP and MySQL for database driven sites. Usually I stick with ASP and MSSQL or Access, but a client wants to run an application from a linux box. Learning PHP isn't turning out to be too difficult, I've used a few programming languages before, (C/C++, Java, Visual Basic etc) so learning a new one isn't too difficult. File uploading seems a lot easier!

Still strong with the CSS Despite doing a lot of server side scripting, I really enjoy writing style sheets. One of the facets of stylesheets I've been trying to get to grips with is using @page rules with the projection stylesheet. This is only implemented on Opera at the moment (although Mozilla seem to be heading in this direction).

12th: Check out MACCAWS A new project aimed at making a commercial case for adopting web standards has just launched. The aim is to provide a Validation Kit that will enable web developers to convine their financial bosses that investing in a standards based website is the right decsision commercially. The project seems to be initially taking the path of producing a white paper to that lays out the commercial case for web standards, with an emphasis on ROI.

While thinking about the project I remembered a comment I made a short time ago in response to an article on the MCU, Making web site accessibility a bottom line benefit is what will drive the accessible web into the mainstream. The MACCAWS project has reminded me of the statement I made and reaffirmed my commitment to doing my part to help make the web a more accessible place to be.

5th: Discuss I've finally gotten around to adding a couple more templates to my CSS layout collection. The new templates are designed for use in on-line discussion forums, I've provided both threaded and unthreaded templates depending on the type of discussion board you are implementing.

Work is keeping me pretty busy at the moment but I am really enjoy getting to grips with some different technology (I usually develop using ASP), I'm looking into PHP, MySQL and Zope at the moment.

1st: Temporary Service Announcement Well just to say I've been on holiday in madrid, hence the lack of updates to the site. I do have better things to do than to post regularly while I'm on holiday. Rest assured that I am in the process of sorting through my photos etc and will no doubt be posting a few of them on the site. In the meantime take a look at the site of my new employers steam & speed. I'm going to be working for them during the summer period where i'll be programming back end stuff in ASP. Well that's all for now.

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