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When your site is visited we can remove the address bar, menu options and the exit button on the most popular web browsers! We can also disable the "back button" so they cannot go back where they came from, if they do try to leave for another page we can make sure that we open upto FOUR pages of your site (They can even be the same page for added effect!) for every page the "customer" closes, not only that but for an extra $200 USD we can open SIX pages for every page that is closed down! Think of the potential!!!

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This is not a serious offer, it is a joke page, It demonstrates a some of the layout effects that can be achieved using Cascading StyleSheets, If you are interested in learning more about this technique then visit the webdev area of my website.

I know that you probably cannot see most of the text here, the main reason for it being here is as a background to the main elements on the page. I have used media specific style sheets to ensure that sural browsers for example do not start rendering all this junk.

View the source to see how I put all this stuff together!


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