Use CSS, not tables(for layout), you know it makes sense!

Tables are used predominantly for layout on the web,

CSS provides a much better way of laying out web pages, but it is not widely used because it is not as well "supported" as tables are. Tables are designed to hold tabular data, they are not intended for layouts, and because of this they can make pages less accessible when they are used for layouts, especially when the tables are deeply "nested".

I can do everything I want to do using tables and font tags, why use CSS?

Can you? A Challenge: Recreate the way this page looks in web browsers that support the latest CSS standards using tables.

My judging criteria

But my site looks better in (substitute your choice of obsolete browser here)

Good for you, but is it functional on PDA's, mobile phones and camcorders (yes really!), or is it a screwed up illogical mess?

CSS is not just more accessible, it's cooler.

CSS positioning can produce designs that are simply impossible or unrealistic for table layouts to recreate, however CSS can produce layouts that look like table layouts, especially if the browser understands "display : table". Have you taken up the challenge yet?