My visit to Barcelona, Spain

15th November 2001 to 20th November 2001. A few pictures of my recent visit to Barcelona, Including getting my hands on the European Cup!

A Cathderal The Sagrada Familla, detail shows the crucificion of Christ The Sagrada Familla was one of the first places I visited in Barcelona. The cathedral is still under construction, it began in 1882!

Ben Meadowcroft in an old Courtyard, Barcelona This is an old courtyard I came across while wandering around Barcelona, there's nothing much here but It looked cool so I took a picture.

Ben Meadowcroft inside Barceloan Football Club's Stadium First Day, first stop FC Barcelona. The second biggest football stadium in the world, seating around 100,000.

Roof of Casa Mila La Pedera The chimney stacks on the roof of the casa Mila La Pedera are shaped as knights, they are fully functional though.

Architectural feature in the Parc Guell The Parc Guell is full of interesting architecture, and great views of the city.

Arch on the Roof of Casa Mila La Pedera, The Sagrada Familla is in the background An Arch on the roof of the Casa Mila La Pedera, in the background another of the architect, Antonio Gaudi's, work can be seen, the spires of the Sagrada Familla.

Ben Meadowcroft with hand on European Football Cup The European Cup, the highest prize in European football and I had it in my hand! ..well only a duplicate stored at FC Barcelona, but hey it's still pretty cool.

Scottie Pippen's Basketball top in FC Barcelona's Museum In the Football museum, proudly displayed is Scottie Pippen's signed "Barcelona" Basketball shirt.

Well there were plenty more pictures taken on my holiday, but I didn't have the time to scan in too many.