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CSS is the technology used to create advanced effects on web sites while at the same time helping to make web sites more accessible to everyone. The books below will help any professional web designer or amateur weblogger to enhance their web site using CSS, helping their site to be better looking, more accessible and quicker to display.

Buy CSS2 Programmers ReferenceCascading Style Sheets 2
(Programmers Reference)
by Eric Meyer

Eric Meyer's book explains the basic concepts of cascading style sheets before examining some of the more powerful techniques available to the web developer. This book will help you to understand style sheets and how to use them to give your web site a quick and consistent look, essential for "branding" a site. As well as explaining how to develop web based style sheets, the book also covers how to set up style sheets for printing and for audio browsers.

Web Browser compatibility is also looked at to help you understand what your targeted audience can actually do with your style sheets, for example it will tell you about problems Netscape 4 users may have with certain techniques. If you are looking for a good reference book for CSS2 this book would be a good buy.

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Buy Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) by Example
by Steve Callihan

Aimed at the beginner to intermediate style sheet writer, this book helps to teach CSS from the ground up. The reader is led through learning about cascading style sheets and how to use them effectively. Steve teaches you how to use the CSS properties to achieve the look you want for your web site.

This is a book which teaches you how to use style sheets, it also contains reference information about CSS. If you are looking at learning CSS buy this book, if you are looking for more of a reference book, take a look at Eric Meyer's "Cascading Style Sheets 2 Programmers Reference".

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