Some Links of interest

I'm not a big fan of links pages but I think that seeing as this is mine it's ok. These links aren't meant to be a comprehensive listing of all my bookmarks or anything like that, just a few pointers to some sites I've come accross that I think are cool, informative or just something. I've divided the links into some broad categories, other than that just go visit them should you feel inclined to do so.


These are links to peoples personal websites which I think are quite good. I know some of these people personally, though some sites are just here for the heck of it. [In no particular order]

Cool stuff

These are links to websites that I think are just cool, mostly they are art sites or similar so if you are on a slow connection be warned!

The Best The Next Best [Yet more sites]

Web design stuff

Until I get these links integrated into the WebDev area of my site I'll list them here.

General Topics Style Sheets