Personal Profile

Well you've come to find out about me then? Hmmm, what can I say.... I'm great

If that's not quite enough info for you how about this, I'm in my mid 20's and recently graduated from UMIST. I'm quite into Swimming and Basketball and did have a small job with the Manchester Giants doing competitions for the kids at half time etc. But that was before the backers dropped after they won the Championship, go figure.

Professionally I am a software engineer, I enjoy doing various things related to computing but you can read about all that in other parts of the site. I've also been happily married since early 2003.

Sporting Interests

My main sporting interest is undoubtedly basketball. I enjoy lots of other sports such as swimming and football, but I just love the feeling of launching a three point shot and hearing that swish as it drops. When I was a student I played fairly regularly at the local park and spent most saturdays during my summers shooting hoops.

Favourite Basketball Teams

Favourite Football Teams

Musical Tastes

My main musical favourites include RnB, rap and various styles of dance music. As well as all that I've got a load of Oasis albums and singles, quite an eclectic collection. As I have so many CD's I'm not going to go into all the CD's I've got here (a few hundred, at least before a load were stolen from my car), I dread to think how long it would take me to play them all end to end! I've never been into listening to downloaded MP3s though, the only MP3s I listen too are those I've copied onto my computer from my own CD collection.

I just got a new compilation album "urban Kiss" which is just blasting out of my cd player 24/7. It's got some cool remixes like Destiny's Child remix with Missy Elliott, chuck in a bit of Eve and Gwen Steffani and I think you'll get the flavour, some nice stuff for sure. Alicia Key's album "songs in A minor" is also another essential purchase, pure quality.