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Because I'm busy, and I appreciate people generally want answers as quickly as possible here are some I prepared earlier.

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How do you get the "watermark" image to stay in the same place on the screen?

The effect is created using CSS. The sample stylesheet given below demonstrates how to specify a background image for the body element and manipulate its position on screen using background properties.

 background-image : url(backgroundimage.jpeg);
 background-attachment : fixed;
 background-position : bottom left;
 background-repeat : no-repeat;

This sample will instruct the browser to fetch the image from the specified URL. The image will have a fixed attachment, so it doesn't scroll, and will be placed in the bottom left corner of the screen. The background-repeat property ensures that it does not "tile".

How do you make a semi-transparent image like you have on your menus?

That depends on your graphics package, I use Adobe Photoshop 5 LE, search your programs help files if available for transparency or opacity, or search for these terms and your products name on the internet. Some good instructions for Paintshop Pro are available.

Adobe Photshop 5 LE Instructions:

  1. Start the new image dialogue and set the background to be "Transparent".
  2. Create the visible image you wish. Leave blank any area you want to be transparent, do not draw on it or fill it in with another colour.
  3. From the "File menu" select the "Export" option and then "Gif89a Export..." Option.
  4. The Gif 89a Export Dialog box allows you to preview what will be exported. You can just click on "OK".
  5. Enter the file name and save the new file as usual.

Can you help me with my CSS problem?

Possibly, however I am quite busy therefore you can probably get your answer quicker if you try one of the resource below. I read these fairly regularly so there is a possibility I'll be the one answering the question anyway :)